Worm-infested pads sold at Sharjah Co-op

Woman who bought stuff complains to Sharjah authorities

An Emirati woman who bought medical pads from a Sharjah Cooperative Society got the shock of her life when she discovered they were full of worms after she used some of them.

The woman carried what is left of the pads and hurried to Sharjah municipality, where she lodged an official complaint.

'Emarat Al Youm' Arabic language daily quoted the unnamed woman as saying she found worms and decaying stuff in the pads, adding that she suffered from certain health problems after using some of the pads.

Officials at the municipality said they would test the pads and take the required measures against that co-op, adding that they range from warning and fine to closure of the establishment for a period of time.

Officials at the co-op in Halwan area told the paper they were seriously dealing with the complaint and that they are willing to apologize and offer damages to the woman in case the contamination in the pads is verified. “We will take full responsibility if the problem is verified,” one official said.

The paper quoted Nada Al Suwaidi, government liaison director at the Sharjah Municipality, as saying the pads had been sent to the laboratory for examination and that they had already notified the Sharjah Department of Economic Development and the consumer protection division.

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