Check mate: Queen's gambit for 'world's prettiest' chess player

Chess player Alexandra Botez is ranked 3rd in Canada and currently peak at 879 places in international rankings. (Photo: Facebook Alexandra Botez )

A couple of weeks ago social media had catapulted 17-year-old volleyball player Sabina Altynbekova of Kazakhstan as a celebrity, now online enthusiast fancy a new sportswoman who they consider as the most beautiful chess player.

For many, chess players cannot have the benefit of svelte physical beauty, often brooding in nature and hiding behind spectacles.

This summary may be a bit exaggerated, but honestly, it is rare to spot a supermodel playing chess at professional level.

But this young Canadian student, Alexandra Botez, who has conquered social media, is a perfect concoction of beauty and intelligence.

The question now being asked is, is she the most beautiful sportswoman in the world? So what about basketball player Sabina Altynbekova?

Alexandra's strategy on the board to move the bishop, horse, Lady and the tower has earned her an academic distinction that enabled her to get a scholarship to study at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Recently, she participated in the "Second Chess Festival UNAM", after winning a scholarship of $40,000 in the Texas Tech University.

From the age of six Alexandra started playing chess.

It was her father who taught her the best strategies of the game, achieving a score of 1800 points when she was 12.

The young Canadian currently peak at 879 places in international rankings.

Third ranked player in her country, this young woman has the gift to achieve more.

Alexandra's beauty is definitely an add-on to her celebrity status.

All Photos: Facebook Alexandra Botez

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