Consulate steps in to help stranded Indians

The Indian Consulate has stepped up efforts to help the 12 stranded Indian workers to win back their nine-month dues.

The men were called to the Indian Consulate to submit a written application, updating the authorities about the recent judgement from the labour court that favoured their claims.

“We spent the whole day in the Indian Consulate. We have spoken to a few officers, who have told us that things will be sorted out soon,” confirms Anil Kumar, the leader of the worker group.

“They have spoken to our local sponsor and the officer at Ortronics. We have also been asked to submit our application and copies of our judgement to the Consulate, along with copies of our passports. And, we can see that they are doing everything to help us.”

The men, who were holed up in a 1-bedroom apartment in Satwa after their official Al Quoz accommodation was shut down, were forced to spend one night and day in a park next to the Satwa bus stand at the beginning of this week because their rent was not renewed.

As a welcome move in this bitter case, the company they are fighting against, has stepped up and paid the rent for their 1-bedroom apartment.

Despite winning a favourable judgement, where the court clearly states that the owner of Ortronics, Roydin Roach, has to pay the workers amounts

ranging between Dh18,000 and Dh 32,000, depending on each worker’s length of service and title, the men will have to wait until the Ortronics company owner Roydin Roach returns to the emirate.

His return, from India, is apparently delayed due to a “medical emergency”.

Roydin, who had hired these men for cable work undertaken by his company, has not paid them for nine months.

The workers have been fighting a legal battle with the employers since March 26, this year. Ortronics owes them (12 Indians and 3 Bangladeshis), salaries since September 2011.


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