Dubai’s JBR community residents cannot have pets at home

Notice circulated to JBR residents: SUPPLIED

A ‘final’ reminder to remove pets from their apartments has been served on residents of the 36 residential towers in Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) by Dubai Properties Group (DPG), the master developer, failing which offenders will be reported to authorities.

The 30-day notice, issued on November 11 by Taziz, the Community Manager for JBR, stated: “JBR is a pet free community. Kindly note that dogs and other pets are not allowed to be kept in apartments and common areas. You are requested to remove your pet within (30) days to avoid your apartment being reported to authorities.”

A DPG spokesperson confirmed to ‘Emirates24|7’: “As per the master community rules and regulations, Taziz, the appointed community manager for JBR, circulated notices to residents urging them to comply with the community ‘No Pet Policy.’

The notices have been displayed in all the towers and door to door notifications have been sent to all residents in JBR community. The 30-day notice period will end on December 11, after which time the matter will be escalated to the relevant authorities.”

So will JBR become a ‘pet free’ from next year?

RR, who once stayed in JBR and has moved to a villa in Jumeirah Village, says: “I moved out of JBR because we did get notices, asking us to remove our pets or else be reported to Dubai Municipality who may remove our pets post warning. I couldn’t stay there any longer… I love my dogs and hence I move out. ”

M. Ali , another resident, says: “We have seen such notices being circulated before but no action has ever been taken. People still have dogs in their apartments. I am not convinced of any action after December 11. Besides, there are more important issues to be tacked in the community than this.”

In reply to this website’s question on whether “visually impaired people were exempted from this rule,” a spokesperson said: “Visually impaired people and their guide dogs are exempt from the rule. This is internationally accepted even in restaurants and shopping centres where dogs are not usually allowed."

In July, we first reported that the “no-pet” policy in JBR was strictly in effect and unlikely to be eased.

DPG said the no-pet policy was in force, as it called on residents, who have sneaked pets to remove them from their apartments.

“This is outlined in the Co-Owners Association Constitution, which clearly states that an owner or resident shall not allow pets of any kind in his unit, save for aquariums. Furthermore, an owner or resident is prohibited from erecting structures to house animals or birds,” a company spokesperson had said.

On what action is taken if residents don't comply with the policy, DPG has said that when violations are identified, these residents are sent warning notifications giving them a timeframe to remove their pets from the apartment. In instances of repeated violations, the matter is escalated further to the security team and Dubai Municipality for further action. And in some cases representatives from the municipality have visited apartments to address this issue with residents.

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