Forcing wives to see pornography is blasphemous

Saudi Arabia’s top cleric has launched a virulent attack on husbands who force their wives to watch online pornographic films, describing this as unethical and blasphemous, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al Shaikh, the Gulf Kingdom’s Mufti (Islamic chief), also slammed husbands who tell their wives to take their face veil or head cover off and meet foreigners, the Arabic language daily Almadina said.

Quoted by the paper, Al Shaikh said husbands who ask their wives to unveil their faces have no “faith, no ethics and no values”.

“How can they make their wives take their veil off and meet foreigners… some husbands even go further by forcing their wives to watch pornographic and vice films on the internet… this is unethical and blasphemous and these husbands have no real values, no good conduct and no faith… they have become completely void of any ethics and morals.”

Al Shaikh also warned men against “oppressing and mistreating” their wives, sisters and mothers, adding that Islam has emphasised justice to all females.

“For those who have more than one wife, I call on them to be fair to their wives… give justice to all of them and do not discriminate between them… husbands also should not prevent their wives from visiting their

families as this will lead to estrangement with the family… I also urge you not to overburden your wife with duties and responsibilities.

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