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Kim Kardashian tries out a wedding gown

First we hear reality TV star Kim Kardashian wants to have a baby from boyfriend Kanye West and now she is trying out wedding dress.

We're not sure if we have the stomach to digest this.

People are still recovering from Kim Kardashian - Kris Humphries 72 days televised marriage and fall-out that sky rocketed the reality star's popularity.

After tying the knot twice already the reality TV maven seems to be suggesting yet another traipse down the aisle.
Kim Kardashian has tweeted a picture of herself in a long white dress and the words: "Late night fitting #pucci". Source: @KimKardashian/Twitter

Kim is still stuggling to wiggle her way out from the divorce drama with Kris.

The model seems to have no qualms in considering another wedding - this time, we presume, to boyfriend, rapper and designer Kanye West.
She tweeted a photo of herself in a backless, white, floor-length dress on Tuesday, with the words "Late night fitting #pucci".

The Italian-designed gown has all the tell-tale signs of a wedding gown - a clue for the gossip mongers.
Hope the wardrobe choice be a preparations for a themed photo shoot. Perhaps it's just a dressing up game, in a typical Kardashian style.
Either way, the wedding hint is the latest development for LA-based Kim.

The reality TV star wants to cement her relationship with rapper Knaye West by becoming parents together.

The 31-year-old reality star is broody and hopes to start a family with her rapper boyfriend since her lengthy divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries is preventing the pair from getting married. She intends to show Kanye how "serious" she is about their relationship.

A source told heat magazine: "Kim and Kanye are serious - they want to get married as soon as possible.

"But Kim figures that if Kris is going to drag their divorce on for as long as possible, then she'll put her wedding plans on hold and concentrate on starting a family with Kanye first.

"Kim has had her heart set on having a baby for a while now.

"Watching her sister Kourtney have a girl recently has confirmed it even more, but above all she wants to show Kanye how serious she is about them spending the rest of their lives together, which had been proving difficult with all the noise Kris has been making about their divorce."

Kim and Kanye have been seeing each other since April, having met while shooting a music video together in 2010 and are now said to be almost inseperable.


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