UAE Superdaad's Eidia spend: Dh50,000 on 93 kids, 22 wives

The patriarch of the largest family in the UAE, Daad Abdulrahman Murad Abdul Rahman, popularly known as Superdaad, who has fathered 93 children already has spent almost a fortune just to distribute Edia, among his children, grandchildren, 22 wives and their in-laws spread across different countries.

Head of a truly global Emarati family of 142, Daad Murad, said about his just concluded Eid festivities in 13 homes spread across different Emirates. 

The Daad family could be the largest single family in the entire world and his ambition is to father 100 children by next year.

During a period of economic downturn, maintaining a large family is not an easy task, especially in money matters.

“My family could happily celebrate Eid festival in full swing. My monthly expenses went up by about Dh50,000 this month, because of the Eidia that I distributed among my children, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, wives, and other in-laws. This Eid, I had to spend Dh50,000 to Dh60,000 only to pay Edia to my 93 children, 22 wives and the in-laws from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries. Thanks to the generosity of the UAE Government, I did not face any financial difficulties,” Daad, head of perhaps the largest UAE family told Emirates24|7.

He celebrated his Eid in different homes, Ajman, Al Manama and Abu Dhabi. Just to buy fish or mutton for the entire family, he has to spend a few thousand dirhams.

"My normal monthly expenses to maintain 13 homes spread across different Emirates is about Dh60,000. This amount would have been much higher, if I had to pay the electricity and water bills and monthly rent in each of the 13 homes where my different families are living. On an average monthly electricity and water bill would be Dh1,500, making the monthly electricity and water bill worth Dh20,000. I am happy that the Federal Electricity and Water Authority is giving me free electricity and water for all my homes,” he said.

The expenses cover the schooling for several children, and food basket. As he has got free houses, the rent amount is not covered under the monthly budget figures.

The economic downturn in the region has not affected his finances much, because of the financial support that he gets from the Government of UAE.

“Even though I have divorced several wives and maintain only four at a time, I take care of their expenses and during Eid, I send money to their relatives too.”

Daad, sitting at his Ajman villa, said that he could easily handle his complex finances because of the generosity of the UAE rulers – he got Dh100,000 for his Eid celebrations and another Dh100,000 is to be collected.

Emarati families go for a shopping spree during Eid al Fitr, but for Daad Murad, it is not an easy task to distribute Eidia and new clothes to all the family members. Shopping for some new clothes to wear, cook and serve the family get together during Eid.

Many of Daad Murad's 93 children are married and have fathered children themselves, taking the total family strength to 142 at present. If one bid to count the number of in-laws the number could be still higher, making each Eid, an expensive affair for the single-legged 65-year-old Superadded.

“Even if I give Dh100 per children as Edia, I have to shell out Dh9,300 only for my children. Then take all the 23 wives, their relatives back home. Every Eid, I spend a lot of money only to pay Edia, and I am glad that the UAE Government is giving me a bigger edia that can cover all my expenses,” he said.

A retired soldier of the UAE armed forces, Daad Murad, who has lost one leg in a major road accident, is not a very rich UAE national, but his larger than life family has been well maintained by  the financial support from the UAE Government. “I had a loan of Dh6,00,000 due to a bank, but that amount has been totally written off with Government support,” he added.

His source of income includes some sponsorship of shops and establishments, but the main revenue sources is Government funding.


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