Man promised free Pizza every week for rest of the year


Dan May, from Southend, Essex, might end up putting a lot of weight!

O2 (Telecommunications company) tweet started a campaign promising free pizza to customers if they tweeted their address with the hashtag #waggytails.

24-year-old Dan took part for free pizza with O2 - but the food never arrived.

O2 didn't realise what mistake they committed.

Dan took to Twitter to complain and wrote to O2: "Disappointed we received no pizza. Now thinking about joining @ThreeUK instead. Ice-cream however would change that."

That resulted in a pizza war between his mobile phone provider (O2) and competitor (Three).

Grabbing their chance Rival network provider Three joined the fray, tweeting in reply: 'We'll #makeitright Dan. Pizza and ice-cream on the way.'

Dan could not let this opportunity go by and addressing Three UK, he posted: "Would be quite an incredible hijack of O2's campaign if you did. I am getting cutlery ready as we speak."

The next tweet was from O2, which attempted to put things right.

Referencing their marketing campaign, the tweet read: "We'd like to make your tail wag, how about free pizza for the rest of the year? Drop us a DM."

However before O2 make a move, Three delivered a cheese and tomato, vegetarian, meat feast and ham and mushroom pizzas to Dan. What more the delivery also had two tubs of vanilla and two tubs of Belgian chocolate ice-cream. 

Dan then wrote: "I hope this isn't a cruel Monday joke, especially as @ThreeUK delivered big time!"

O2 has since got in touch with Dan via text message to confirm his details.

Dan has secured free pizza every week until the end of the year from O2.

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