Mr and Mrs Smith take care of bookings

The Cheateau de St Paterne in France is a property listed by Mr and Mrs Smith. (AGENCY)

Luxury hotel booking site Mr and Mrs Smith has connected to online hotel distributor SiteMinder. The new connection will speed up and improve efficiency with bookings for boutique hotels.

The Mr and Mrs Smith website houses more than 700 spa hotels, country guesthouses, lodges and small city hotels. Fifty of these properties are in Australia.

Mr and Mrs Smith chief technical officer Tamara Lohan said the new connection will make the booking process more efficient for guests and will help hotels with inventory updates.

"Our new connection with SiteMinder will streamline the booking process for our customers and give us access to more real-time inventory so we can confirm more bookings instantly," she said.

"The SiteMinder link will give us quicker and broader availability of rooms. Hotels will be able to update their inventory with us more easily via SiteMinder and another benefit for us will be greater rate parity so the efficiencies for Mr and Mrs Smith will prove significant, leading to a better booking process for both customers and suppliers," she said.

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