Dubai flight hard lands in Mangalore...

Aircraft tyre damaged, passengers jolted

An Air India Express 814 flight arriving from Dubai to Mangalore on August 14 undershot the runway and hard landed, creating scare among passengers and airport authorities, Indian media reported.

Passengers said there was a loud thud and a bit of shaking when the flight landed at 6.28 am (India time) at the Bajpe airport, The Times of India said.

The tyre marks were visible up to the runway safety area where the plane was stopped by the pilot.

Sources said visibility was very poor and the pilot announced he would land after circling for 20 minutes, but finally landed two minutes ahead of the scheduled time at 6.28 am. The tyre of the aircraft sustained damages. The newspaper said airport sources refused to reveal anything, saying an inquiry was on into the incident.

Air India sources said investigations are on by the air safety authorities as well as the airline is also conducting an internal inquiry into the incident.

The  Air India Express 814 flight from Dubai to Mangalore was diverted to Calicut on Thursday due to poor visibility conditions.

Air India authorities said that the visibility was very poor, less than 100 metres, hence the flight was diverted to Calicut. The flight arrived at Bajpe airport in Mangalore at 1.30pm (UAE 12pm ), after it got a replacement crew. This flight will leave for Dubai later in the night, Times of India reported.

 After the requisite Flying Duty Time Limit, the crew has to be replaced whether they have reached the intended destination or not. The replacement crew took over at Calicut.

On Thursday, an Air India official said hard landings were common during monsoon to prevent any untoward incident.

He said that August 14 landing by Flight 814 was not an emergency landing. Though the visibility was poor, the vertical visibility may have been good and the pilot landed safely.


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