Travelling for Eid? 5 things you do not pack

With Eid Al Fitr around the corner, many Dubai residents have plans to combine a casual leave or two with their quota of designated holidays to plan a quick journey across the UAE borders.

We have a whole list of things to pack the moment the tickets are booked and in the urge to take so many things, we pack stuff that will come back without being used even once on the vacation.

Even the most experienced travellers often suffer from this over-packing syndrome.

It’s that moment when we display a heightened sensitivity to things - what if we need this and that?

And, in the end it is bags full of things that may not even fit in the boot of a normal RTA sedan cab.

If you are still planning your holidays, sit back and think of the things you will really not need.

Here are six most common things that vacationers stuff their bag with and do not need.

If you have included these in your ‘to pack list’ perhaps try pulling them out.

#1 Hair dryers and irons

Yes, we all need to look good for the Instagram and Facebook pictures, with styled hair and ironed shirts, so we pack the hair dryer and the travel iron as well.

Nearly all hotels (even budget ones) have both these things so why carry them?

If you are in doubt, check with the hotel where you have made the booking to ask if the room will include things like these.

If you are visiting family, there is absolutely no reason that you should be carrying these in any case. Save the space in your bag for something more important.

#2 Books

Many people like to read books during their journey and even during the spare time on their holidays, and end up filling up their bags with several novels/bestsellers. Again, this can be easily avoided.

All you need to do is load up your electronic device. Taking a Kindle can be good if you are an avid reader. It is simple, light and an easy way to carry all your books without the five kg baggage.

#3 Multiple shoes and clothing items

We tend to pack many shoes and clothes for our trip, some that we will not use at all.

Best would be to wear a pair of shoes and take one along. Avoid the fancy heels that will take up a lot of space and will only leave you with sore feet if your vacation includes a lot of sight-seeing.

The same goes for clothes. Pants, shirts, skirts, dresses…we include things that we may never wear. Include comfortable clothes for your holidays, carry one jacket instead of three, include neutral bottoms – black, navy, tan and white that can go with just about any top.

Also, keep in mind that buying clothes can be cheaper in some places.

So, if you need a pair of thick jacket and don’t have one in your wardrobe right now, it could be better to buy it in the country you will be visiting than before you leave.

#4 Toiletries

Be selective of what toiletries you carry. Most hotels provide the normal shampoo, soap and cream but even if you have to carry, take travel-sized ones instead of the 900ml pack.

Many moms most of the time also pack diapers.

This is not a heavy item but can take a lot of space and if you will be away for 15 days or a month then you can imagine how many you will end up carrying.

These are not necessarily a big budget item, and the price difference here in the UAE and the country you may be visiting will not be substantial enough to make you pack these things.

#5 Full bottles of medicines

Many of us take medicines along, especially if we are on regular medication or travelling with small children.

It makes perfect sense to take medicines that are prescribed by the doctor here, but what we can avoid taking is full bottles. Best is to take the quantities needed for the trip. Just ensure that you pack them properly to avoid spillage.

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