Stars who used body doubles

Vera Farmiga
The "Up in the Air" star had just given birth before filming the award winning movie, so when it came time to strip down for her steamy scenes with George Clooney, the actress had to call in some help.
"The breast milk down both sides - it would have been inappropriate," she told Entertainment Weekly. (GETTY/GALLO)

Freida Pinto
A scene in "Immortals" called for a shot of the gorgeous actress' backside, but she was relieved when the filmmakers chose to go with a double.
“It was a butt double," she told E! Online. "I’m relieved I don’t have to deal with that issue." (GETTY/GALLO)

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts breakout role in "Pretty Woman" was really only partly her own. She had a body double stand in for several scenes where she appears curvier.
The most deceiving of all is perhaps the movie poster - where she's in a pink top standing next to Richard Gere. Yea, that's apparently not her either. (Touchstone Pictures)

Keira Knightley
In "Domino" Keira Knightley used a body double for the lap-dancing scene. But it wasn't because she was feeling modest.
"It's definitely a body double, I don't have that body," explains the star. "What a bum! I wish I had that bum... It was fantastic."
Of course the 27-year-old isn't the only star who takes a back seat when it comes to showing skin.
Click through to see who else fooled you. (AP)

Mila Kunis

Her flick, "Friends with Benefits" may show a lot of skin, but not all of it is hers, explains the gorgeous brunette.
"I showed side boob and I figured I can't just give everything all away at once," she says. "I gotta let it all out in little pieces here and there."
So instead of stripping down when it came time to show the world her derrière, Mila stepped back and helped find a double that could stand in for her.
'These lovely women had to show us their derrière and we chose the one that resembled my body the most without looking like it is fake," she explains.  (Screen Gems)

Okay okay! Relax! (IFC Films)

Owen Wilson
It's not just ladies who have stand-ins when it comes to nude scenes. Owen Wilson's backside did not make it into the final version of "You, Me & Dupree."
"The director made the decision not to use my butt," he recalls. "I don't know how to interpret that." (Universal Pictures)

Meryl Streep
Meryl's nude body double in "Death Becomes Her" (1992) stepped away from Meryl's naked shadow to become an actress.
Catherine Bell was said body double, starred in "JAG" for several years, and now stars in "The Last Man Standing."
What a way to get into the industry. (Universal Pictures)

Geena Davis
Geena Davis had a body double for "Thelma & Louise" ... but didn't use her.
Director Ridley Scott hired a body double for the steamy sex scenes between Geena Davis and Brad Pitt, but stand-in Julie Strain says that she was actually never put to work.
"Geena started feeling comfortable with the love scenes," the former Penthouse Pet of the Year admits. "So I was paid but never used!" (MGM)

Olivia Wilde
Fans may think that they are finally getting a glimpse of Olivia Wilde's bits in "The Change-Up," but she recently attributed the "nip slip" to technology.
“I wasn’t actually naked," she told Jimmy Kimmel. "But now I appear naked. They CGI’d me naked.”

 Ain't technology grand? (Reuters)

Kevin Costner
That wasn't Kevin Costner in the buff in the waterfall scene in 1991's "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves."
It was a body double. (Warner Bros.)

Angelina Jolie
The curvy derriere in "Wanted" does not seem like it belongs to stick thin Angelina Jolie. The tattoos were airbrushed, so why not the backside? (Universal Pictures)

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was not the nude star in the pool scene in "Machete." Director Robert Rodriguez confirmed that those scenes were shot before the actress signed on to do the film.
So her body double was in the movie before she was.
Very strange. (20th Century Fox)

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