10,400 driving licences suspended

UAE traffic authorities have suspended 10,400 driving licences for motorists who have accumulated 24 black points since the system was introduced three years ago, official data showed Wednesday.

Around 3,911 licences were withdrawn during 2008, when the black point system was first enforced, showed the interior ministry figures published in the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Al Bayan.

In 2009, such cases surged to 4,235 while 3,911 licences were impounded in 2010, the report showed.

“This system has largely contributed to curbing deadly accidents on UAE roads,” said Brigadier Gaith Al Zaabi, director general of the traffic coordination section at the interior ministry.

“The enforcement of this system has led to a greater degree of compliance with traffic law and this has boosted road safety.”

Under the new system, drivers accumulating a maximum 24 black points in one year will have their licences suspended for three months. In case they repeat the offence, their driving licence will be impounded for six months and if the offence is repeated for the third time, the licence will be withdrawn for one year and the driver will be subject to a training and eligibility course.

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