10-year-old boy killed then raped by teen in Egypt

Mom says she would drop the case so the rapist is let out and she takes revenge

An Egyptian aged below 18 years abducted a 10-year-old boy to an isolated place and murdered him before raping him.

Because he is a teenager, the killer was sentenced to 15 years in prison but the victim’s mother said she would drop the case against him so she would take revenge.

Newspapers said the incident, which sent shock waves across the most populous Arab nation, started when Abdul Rahman disappeared while playing with his friends near his home in the northern Egyptian province of Gharbia.

When she later called her son on his mobile, another person answered and told her she would not see Abdul Rahman again.

Police later arrested the rapist after finding the boy’s body and he confessed to hanging his victim after resisting his attempts to rape him.

“He told police that he said to the boy he would let him go if he let him rape him…he said that when the boy refused and resisted him, he hit him with a big stone on the head before hanging him…he said that when the boy died, he got him down and raped him,” the Egyptian Arabic language daily Alyoum Al Sabei said.

It quoted a police spokesman as saying the rapist was asked why he picked Abdul Rahman. “He replied that because he was the prettiest among his friends.”

The paper quoted the victim’s mother, Soma, as saying she was shocked when the judge sentenced the rapist to 15 years in jail, adding that he deserves to be executed.

“The judge told me that he would like to see the killer executed 100 times but that he is tied by the law…I am shocked by this sentence…how can a criminal who killed a little boy and raped a dead body get only this,” she said.

“I tried to kill him in court but was I caught with a knife before entering court…police beat me because I had a knife…I now intend to drop the case after three years so this criminal would be released and I can take revenge…I will let him stay in prison for three years then I will cut his body into pieces with my own hands…this man murdered my son so he has no right to live.”

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