117 Dubai private schools allowed fee hike

More than 100 private schools in Dubai have been allowed to increase their fees for the academic year 2015-16, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has announced.

While 117 have been given the green light, a further 10 applications are being processed, a KHDA spokesperson said.

The fee increase is based on each school's annual inspection report and the Education Cost Index (ECI), which is calculated by Dubai Statistics Centre on an annual basis.

The ECI stood at 2.92 per cent this year and Dubai schools have been allowed to increase tuition fees by almost 6 per cent.

Outstanding schools are eligible for a hike of up to double the ECI (5.84 per cent), good schools up to 1.5 times the ECI (4.38 per cent) and the rest at the ECI rate (2.92 per cent).

“We are witnessing steady growth within the education sector, leading to increased stability. The ECI is directly linked to inflation and an increased cost in living,” explained Mohammed Darwish, Chief of Regulations and Permits Commission at KHDA.

Many Dubai schools have already started updating their parent community about their new fee structure.

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