177 kids trapped in locked cars in 15 months

Study showed that 85.3% like to be with their families and 89.8 per cent feel safe with their families. (Shutterstock)

Parents are still neglecting their children inside cars despite repeated police warnings as 177 kids were trapped inside locked vehicles in just 15 months.

“We rescued all those children who were trapped inside their cars because of negligence by their families,” said Major Abdullah Ali Mohammed, head of the land rescue division in Dubai’s police.

He said 137 children were rescued in 2014 and the rest were saved in the first quarter of 2015. The cases involved one newborn boy, he said, adding that some families did not even remember that they had forgotten their children inside their cars.

“As summer is approaching, such incidents become very dangerous as they could lead to deaths…we again and again call on parents to be careful,” he told the Dubai-based Arabic language daily Emarat Alyoum.

He said that most of those incidents took place at shopping malls and parks as parents rush inside with their children without making sure all of them are out of the car.

“Some of those incidents took place inside the family’s garage…this is very serious as the garage door is locked and the trapped child cannot get help.”

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