30% deaths due to heart diseases: DHA

DHA announces the results of the Dubai Health Survey 2014

In 2014, heart diseases amounted to 30 per cent of deaths in the UAE, a survey commissioned by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in partnership with the Dubai Statistic Center found.

The results of the second Dubai Health Survey, which was conducted on 3,298 UAE nationals and expat families in 2014, were announced on Tuesday.

“Such surveys are important in shaping the strategy of health care for the emirate, and helps in planning effective initiatives to raise awareness about relevant health issues in Dubai,” said Humaid Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Director-General of DHA said.

Tariq Yousif Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Center explained that the survey is conducted once in 5 years, keeping in line with international guidelines. The first such survey for Dubai was conducted in 2009. He informed that the study provides information about the health of the people of Dubai — which was not available before —  giving policy makers a clearer picture about the health issues that need to be tackled.

According to top DHA officials the data will help them target initiatives relating to chronic illness, increase cover for vaccinations (thus reducing the incidence of communicable diseases) and reduce obesity by prompting healthy lifestyle.

Among the data, the number of cases relating to depression was crucial, with 96 per 10,000 in Emirati women, and 13 per 10,000 in Emirati men recording mental health troubles. Among the expats, the reading was 8 per 10,000 for women, and 4 per 10,000 for men.

The survey also revealed 55.3 per cent were very satisfied with the healthcare available in the emirate, while only 2.6 per cent were not satisfied.

Elderly (60 years and above)

When it came to the elderly, 29.4 per cent were cared for by their housemaids, and 30.7 per cent by their sons and daughters, and 18.5 per cent by the husbands and wives.

The survey showed 14.7 per cent of the elderly suffered from high cholesterol, 27.4 from hypertension.

The survey also found that many Emirati elderly, 35 per cent, require help in taking part in daily activities, the survey found that 16.4 per cent require help bathing, 14 per cent require help in changing clothes and 8.1 per cent need help eating.

Health and Nutrition

When surveying the families about their health and nutrition, 3.5 per cent were found to suffer from hypertension and more women suffered from the diseases (5.1 per cent) than men (3.2 per cent).

Out of the Emiratis surveyed, the study found that 18.9 per cent of Emirati suffer from hypertension, out of which, 20 per cent were men and 18 per cent are women.

Meanwhile, the survey found that more Emirati men have high cholesterol (19.8 per cent) than women (18.5 per cent). The total number of Emiratis who suffer from high cholesterol was found to be 19.1 per cent.

The opposite was true with non-Emiratis as it was found that more non-Emirati women (6.6 per cent) suffered from hypertension than non-Emirati men (3.9 per cent). The total number of non-Emiratis who suffer from hypertension is 4.3 per cent.

The survey revealed that 21.9 per cent of the people were smokers (24.8 per cent are men and 4.2 are women.

When it came to fruit and vegetable intake, 50.5 per cent said they eat fruits once every day and 29.9 per cent said they eat fruits twice a day, while 42.7 per cent eat vegetables once a day and 32.2 per cent said they eat vegetables twice a day.

The survey also found that 36.1 per cent of the people surveyed suffered from borderline obesity; while 11.9 per cent were obese.

The survey included Dubai residents from all nationalities and ages to learn about their social and health conditions.

Key findings:

  • Dubai Health Survey was conducted on 3,298 Emirati and Expat families in 2014
  • In 2014, heart diseases amounted to 30 per cent of deaths in the UAE
  • 3.5 per cent of people surveyed were found to suffer from hypertension
  • 21.9 per cent of the people surveyed were smokers
  • 11.9 per cent of the people surveyed were obese


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