After morning outage, Facebook down again? Click here to check

Facebook website was down for many in the UAE and across various destinations in the world for about 40 or so minutes this morning.

The outage appeared to have affected both the social media firm's website and its apps for mobile and tablet devices.

To find out if you can access your Facebook account, click the 'Like' button on the left hand side of this page. If you're able to do so, bingo, Facebook us up again for you. If not, you may have to wait it out a while.

It wasn't immediately clear how many countries were affected but users in the UAE, India, the Philippines, UK, Ireland and across Asia region were reporting problems.

An error message saying "Sorry, something went wrong… We're working on getting this fixed as soon as we can” stared at users who tried to log on.

“Facebook is having issues since 3:55 AM EDT (11.55am UAE time),” according to, a website that tracks outage of popular websites.

Twitter users reported widespread outage of the social media website, lamenting the fact that they could not log on. #facebookdown began trending on Twitter almost as soon as the site went down.

Summer Is Dubai ‏@SummerisDubai said: #Facebook is down, go out and enjoy the day! :) 

Jiten Gajaria ‏@jitengajaria: What??? No FB? Boley to now only partners will ask "what's on your mind"

Professional Heckler ‏@HecklerForever: Facebook was down for like 10 to 15 minutes. Related: Today is the most productive day according to office employees.

Franki Baby ‏@FrankiValerie: Facebook is down again? So everyone flocks to Twitter?! 

Ryan Phelan ‏@ryanphelan_tv: Facebook is down.. Oh no?! People may have to 'actually' talk to one another .. #firstworldproblems

Rohan Joshi ‏@mojorojo: Okay now apparently Facebook is down again. It's not a bug, I think it's doing last night's NED-AUS game through interpretive dance.

“Looks like Facebook has crashed....pity can't post it on Facebook,” said another tweet.

“Facebook seems to be down. This morning just got marginally more productive,". 



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