Apple to release new product next week

Apple has invited journalists to yet another event next week. The company sent out invites Wednesday with the tag line "hello again" - a reference to wording used for its 1984 unveiling of the Macintosh.

Apple doesn't typically say ahead of time what it is going to announce at these kinds of events, but the company is widely expected to introduce a new Macbook Pro, and may also launch a new iMac.

A number of reports point to Apple reinventing the MacBook's keyboard with the addition of a touchscreen control bar that could be used to display different buttons based on the app in use.

The control bar would replace the existing function keys, and for example display pause and play buttons when a consumer was using Spotify, or even app shortcuts to launch often-used apps.

Apple had its last press event in September, where it introduced the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The company hasn't refreshed its Macbook line in a while, but traditional computers arguably also play a much smaller role for it these days: Apple isn't just making more money with phones than with computers, but service-based revenue has overtaken computer hardware revenue as well.