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Bangladeshi wife accused of chopping her husband to pieces

The Criminal Court of Sharjah will next week hear a murder case in which a Bangladeshi woman is accused of killing her Pakistani husband, who is identified as A.A.M.

According to a report in Arabic daily Al Ittihad, the wife is accused of chopping her husband's body and stuffing it in plastic bags and suitcases.

Then, with the help of her ex-husband, who is from her nationality, the wife helped in dumping the body parts in the industrial area of Sharjah.

Six years ago, the accused, identified as SH.S.R, came to the country with the help of a person of her nationality.

Upon reaching the UAE, the ambitious woman asked that person to help her work as a tailor. After having settled, they married where she worked in his shop.

However, after some time, allegedly the woman was involved in an illicit relationship with her husband’s colleague, and married him after seeking divorce from her husband.

The second marriage lasted for a considerable time but problems soon arose.

It is said that disagreements arose in her second marriage because the husband was financially dependent on her.

The second husband travelled to Pakistan and asked her for Dh14,000 to solve a big problem he faced in his country.

However, upon checking his phone, the wife was surprised to learn that her husband had married another woman in his country.

The wife approached her ex-husband, convinced him that her second husband was behind all the problems in their life, and appealed that he is the only one who ruined their married life.

The wife persuaded her ex-husband to get rid of her second husband, and they planned the crime.

According to the investigations documents, the wife stabbed her second husband when he was sitting beside her, which led to his death.

Then, in cold blood, the defendant chopped the limbs of the body and cut up the rest of his body into small pieces with a machete prepared for this purpose.

After that, she kept the body parts in plastic bags and put them in two big suitcases.

Then she called her ex-husband to come to her residence, where he carried the victim’s body in the car and later dumped the body in the industrial area of Sharjah.

Sharjah Police managed to decode this mystery and arrest the wife killer in less than 24 hours.