Boy's face smashed in jet-ski accident

A jet-ski accident at Al Mamzar beach has left a 10-year-old boy’s face destroyed, forcing him to undergo a series of reconstructive surgeries.

The accident happened when Daniel Clamens, his brother Bryan, 13, and a bunch of friends were on their way into the sea for jet-skiing, when another jet skier trying to launch himself off the waves lost control and smashed into Daniel’s face, reported 7DAYS.

The gruesome accident follows the death of a teenage boy after another jet-ski crashed in Dubai four-weeks ago, raising questions about safety in the use of the fast machines in waters.

Fortunately for the boy, a life jacket and supervision of an adult seems to have saved his life. Daniel was rushed to Rashid Hospital, where he underwent close to nine-hour surgery.

“The kids went to Al Mamzar beach. My neighbours bought a boat three weeks ago, and the kids were on our case about going on it. We’re always very cautious and strict. This was the one time we broke the rules,” Daniel’s father, Roberto, who is a commercial pilot, was quoted as saying by 7DAYS.

“At about 4.30pm, we got a crazy call saying Daniel had been in an accident and he was on his way to Rashid Hospital,” added Roberto, who released pictures of his son in hospital, hoping it will prevent further tragedies.

Daniel’s friend was in the water with him and started screaming when the jet-ski hit.

“His parents said they’d never heard him scream like that. He saw what was going on - he saw Daniel’s face ripped apart,” said Roberto.

Roberto said that his face was so bad that his eyeball, teeth and cheek were all out. Also all five the nerves on his were also severed.

Doctors reconnected four of Daniel’s nerves, but could not find the fifth, which controls the movement in his forehead. Miraculously, though, his eyesight has not been affected.

If all goes well, Daniel will have to go under the knife twice in the six months’ time, as the doctors will remove metal plates in his face before conducting a plastic surgery to remove the scars on his face.

His parents hope his story will be a warning to others about the dangers of jet skis, and a wake-up call to authorities to put stricter laws in place.


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