Brutal parents swap abused twin

A couple in the UK caused horrific injuries to their seven-month-old child and hid the baby by switching her with her twin when health visitors called to check on the children.

Twin M was allegedly left with a broken rib, leg, arm and brain damage after at least three attacks within a span of seven months, The Sun revealed.

Mohammed Karolia, 29, and wife Nafisa, 22, made excuses every time health visitors visited them for having only one twin at home at the time, the court heard.

The prosecutor was quoted by the daily as saying: "There was a deliberate attempt by the parents to conceal the ailing twin from the outside world - most probably because she was exhibiting signs of ill treatment."

According to the paper, neighbours were unaware the couple had twins. Twin M died from broncho-pneumonia in June 2009. Her death was unrelated to her 20 injuries, the court heard.

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