Calls it quits: Man who married 107 women...

A Nigerian man, now 87 years old, has finally called it a day after marrying 107 women and fathering 185 children, according to news reports.

The man, Bello Maasaba, presently lives with 86 of his wives and the youngest of his 185 children was born just a month ago. The youngest of his wives is just 19.

A report in the Los Angeles Times says the man is currently living with only 86 of his wives after he divorced 12 of the women and buried nine others. Bello has created a massive extended family for himself. Currently he has a total of 5,000 members in his extended family including nephews, in-laws, nieces, cousins and others.

He was thrown to jail about three years ago in September 2008 when the Nigerian authorities became aware of the number of women he’d married. He was released after his wives said they had married him willingly.

Bello lives in an 89-bedroom house with his family. Of his 185 children, only 133 are living.

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