Car stolen in Sharjah? Check in Iraq…

The Criminal Investigation Department of Sharjah Police have arrested a man with Iraqi citizenship, identified as GS, for stealing cars and exporting them to Iraq.
According to the CID the accused would make modifications and changes to the cars, including replacing the chassis number and putting Iraqi licence plates on them.

According to the police, the accused has been involved in a similar case earlier as well.
The police were able to bust the operation after a tip-off that a man was seen driving a golden coloured Lexus that was reported stolen.

When the CID stopped the accused in the car, he denied that it was stolen and claimed it had been brought in from Iraq and he bought it from someone in Dubai for $90,000.
The vehicle was handed over to forensics who found that the car chassis number was tampered with.

Colonel Jihad Sahoo, Director of CID in Sharjah has warned owners of vehicles to take caution and not to leave their vehicles in isolated areas.

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