Concession submitted in Chechen murder case

The defence lawyer of the Iranian clerk, MT, the prime accused in the Chechen leader assassination case submitted the original of the concession of Chechen leader’s blood guardian attested as per the rules to the Dubai Court of Appeal.

The court was supposed to announce the adjournment of the case, but until late Wednesday afternoon no announcement was made.

In the previous hearing, Abdullah Al Madani has submitted to the court a copy of the concession of the blood guardians of Sulim Yamadayev who was assassinated on March 28, 2009 at the parking of his home at Jumeirah Beach Residence.

The court asked the lawyer to submit the original concession with an Arabic translation attested as per the rules and formalities to help proceed with the case.

In a dramatic development in a previous hearing in the Chechen rebel leader’s assassination case, MT’s defence lawyer Al Mani told the Dubai Court of Appeal that the blood guardians have agreed to make a concession of their right.

MT and MK, Tajik businessman, were accused with other fugitives of the assassination.

Yamadayeve has come to reside in Dubai after his retirement as a rebel leader four months before his assassination.

According to the prosecution sheet, two people used to accompany Yamadayev as personal guards. One of the two men was hit on his head by the assassins and the other one was never attacked.

MT’s role was to control Yamadayev, and was accused of criminal complicity and possessing unlicensed weapon used in the crime which was found next to the body. And, MK was accused of criminal complicity.

Each of the accused was awarded life jail term followed by deportation and the confiscation of the used weapon by the First Instance Court on April 12.

Both the Dubai Public Prosecution and the defendants have appealed the First Instance sentence.

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