Do you require Emirates ID to buy medicines?

Some pharmacies in Dubai are asking for Emirates ID card before giving medicines to customers, primarily those holding Enaya Insurance cards.

This is not being followed by all pharmacies but a big chain of pharmacies across the city takes all the approval before giving the medicines – making the customers wait for as much as 30 to 40 minutes.

“I live inThe Springs area and went with my doctor’s prescription to the nearby pharmacy in the community. I was told they need all the approval and this could take 30minutes so I went to another one. Here, they didn’t take any approval but asked me to show my Emirates ID card, which I didn’t have. However, the lady at the counter gave me the medicines after I showed my Emirates ID registration papers,” said a resident of The Springs 9.

This is a problem that some patients are complaining about. However, Enaya does not have such a policy in place, as a customer service executive told this website. “We do not have such a requisite. Maybe, it’s the internal policy of the pharmacy you are talking about,” he said. 

Emirates ID must for obtaining certificate of good conduct

Abu Dhabi Police have announced that the ID card is mandatory for taking out a certificate of good conduct and filling in the related application.

They clarified that the fingerprints of the applicants for certificates of good conduct are checked by using the electronic linkage system between the Emirates ID and the criminal system in no more than 15 minutes.

Abu Dhabi Police noted that the Fingerprint Section received many applications for taking out certificates of good conduct. The section submitted many applications for issuing certificates through the link to Abu Dhabi Police's website.


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