Dubai cops take 4 kids off dad for ill-treatment

Dubai Police took four children off their father after learning they were mistreated and prevented from going to school by their step-mother.

The police learned about the kids’ ordeal after they were told by the school that they had not turned up in class for nearly four months and that their parents did not reply to many messages sent by the school management.

Their mother said she did not know about this as she was divorced and lives away from them, while the father claimed his new wife was only punishing the children for misbehaving.

The police did not did not accept such logic after learning one daughter was tortured with a hot object on her hand.

“We decided to take the children off their father and send them to a child protection centre after we found evidence they were being mistreated by their step-mother and prevented from going to school,” said Major Khalil Al Mansouri, Dubai’s Assistant Police Commander for Criminal Investigation.

He told ‘Emarat Al Youm’ that the woman faces charges of dealing violently with the children, preventing them from going to school and failing to provide a clean and safe environment for them at home.

“We later decided to return the children to their father who agreed to coordinate with the woman and child care centre in Dubai to ensure protection for them and allow them to go back to school,” he said.

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