Dubai Prosecution helps inmate

Dubai Prosecution has helped an inmate who was stranded behind bars as he was unable to pay blood money to the victim’s family.
In November 2012, he was involved in a traffic accident causing the death of a motorist, injuring another, and causing damage to property, said Salah Bu Faroucha Al Felaasi, Head, Dubai Traffic Prosecution.

Salah Bu Faroucha Al Felaasi, Head, Dubai Traffic Prosecution (Al Bayan)

He was arrested and the court sentenced him to one month in prison, suspended his driving licence for three months and ordered him to pay Dh200,000 blood money to the deceased’s family.
However, he has been languishing in jail since then as he could not make the payment.
On compassionate grounds, Dubai Prosecution investigated about his family background and decided to help him. They co-ordinated with charity institutions and banks and arranged the required amount to set him free.
Al Felaasi said the number of defendants who were sentenced to pay blood money in Dubai in the 2013-2014 are about 183. “They have to pay a total of Dh30.6 million,” he said.

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