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Emir Mail: Doorstep mail delivery from April

Palm Jumeirah will be the first to be served in Dubai (FILE)

Come April and Palm Jumeirah residents will be the first in Dubai to have their mail delivered to their doorstep.

Emir Mail, a Dubai-based independent mail delivery company, will have 250 postal delivery staff in the first year to serve and deliver mails to various Dubai communities, with the number rising to 1,200 in the next two years, Rabia Ijaz, Marketing & Sales Manager, Emir Mail told Emirates 24|7.

“The mail will be picked-up from Emirates Post offices and sorted at the Emir Mail Hub. We have a fleet of delivery vans and eco-friendly scooters to be used by the postmen,” Ijaz said.

The company has already launched an ‘At Your Doorstep’ campaign from March, starting with flyer distribution around Palm Jumeirah, which will then extend across Dubai. Online registration is, however, open to everyone.

Asked if the number of required registrations is not met, will it still go ahead with the service, Ijaz says: “The number of targeted registered customers is very small in comparison to the forecasted numbers.”

Emir Mail, licensed by the Economic Department and Emirates Post, expects to have 25,000 registered clients in the first six months from the launch of the service.

“We have the initial capacity to serve over 30,000 customers and can easily build on in the next two years to capture a market segment of about 250,000 customers.”

The company will annually charge Dh2,500 for three times a week delivery and Dh3,500 for six times a week delivery, which will include free mailbox, free five kilogram delivery, free mailbox to mailbox delivery and mailbox transfer.

Emir Mail will invest Dh40 million in building the postal infrastructure over a period of two years.

“The details cannot be revealed at this point in time, but we can assure you that at Emir Mail, we are taking major steps in introducing sophistication and automation to the existing postal practices,” Ijaz adds.