Emirates ID card FAQs

What is the new deadline for ID card registration?

Emirates Identity Authority (Eida) has extended the deadline for ID card registration for Emiratis and expatriates. The new deadline for nationals is June 30, 2011, while expatriates can wait until they obtain or renew their residence visa.

ID card is mandatory for all inhabitants of the UAE, whether nationals or expatriates of above 15 years old, who are living lawfully in UAE Enrollment for Population Register and ID Card Program is also mandatory for children below 15 years old. While obtaining/issuing an ID card for them is a matter of choice and subject to guardian's consent.

Should an expatriate wait till his residence visa is over to apply for the ID?

Dr Ali Al Khoury, Director-General of Eida, has urged white-collared expats to not wait until their visa renewal, cautioning that the government will soon link the ID card with a string of services in the country. It is therefore advisable to register or renew the card at the earliest.

Will UAE residents without the ID card be able to access government service?

Eida has approved a recommendation to link the services provided by all departments, corporations and entities across the UAE to the ID card on a gradual basis, calling for continuous co-ordination with the concerned service entities to link their services to the ID card. Expatriates who do not have an ID may face problems in accessing certain government services at some point. No deadline has been mentioned.

Do I need to leave the passport with the typing centre when applying for an ID card?

Eida has informed all customers that they should not leave their passports at the typing offices under any condition, noting that they are not responsible for a number of typing offices requesting at their discretion that the customer passports be kept with them.

Which government department’s accept/seek ID card to offer their services?

Yet, all the government department’s have not made it obligatory to carry the card to access their service. Some of the department’s that accept ID cards are:

- The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has begun accepting the Emirates ID cards instead of passports as a proof to process vehicle registrations and driving licences.  However, it is still not making the cards mandatory for any transactions.

- Dubai Courts has made the card mandatory for Emiratis to access its services.

- The card is compulsory to access traffic services in Abu Dhabi, including driving licence and vehicle registration.

- Abu Dhabi Distribution Company has said the card will soon be mandatory to access its utility services.

What are the charges for Enrollment?

- UAE Nationals: Dh100.

- National under social security: free of charge

- Residents: Dh100 for a year’s residence; Dh200 for two-year residence and Dh300 for three-year residence.

- GCC residents: Dh100 per year depending on the chosen period. However five years is the maximum validity time for the ID card.

- For children below 15 years: the registration in the population register is mandatory, but issuing the card is optional. In case the parents wish to issue a card for a child below 15, the fees shall be: Dh50.

ID card Delivery fees: Dh20

Is it possible to use ID card as a travel document abroad?

Only UAE nationals can use ID card to commute between countries of Gulf Cooperation Council without need for passport.

Is it possible for children below 15 years old to be issued ID card?

Enrollment of children below 15 years old for Population Register program is imperative. However, issuance of an ID card is optional. Yet, guardian’s consent is required against payment of Dh50.


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