10-year-old jet ski victim thankful to friend

The 10-year-old boy who was struck by jet ski last month is thankful to his friend. "My friend saved my life," Daniel Clamens said recollecting the incident of that fateful day when he was enjoying a day out with his 13-year-old neighbour at Al Mamzar beach.

Speaking to '7Days', he said: “I would have drowned if Peter wasn’t there. He turned me around so I could breathe and made sure my head didn’t go under the water.”

Daniel has undergone nine hours of gruelling facial reconstruction surgery and has had metal plates fitted in the left side of his face.

When he become a teenager and his face is fully developed, he would need filling in on one side of his face, his mother said quoting doctors.

The young lad is surprised the jet skier did not stop to offer help.

The boys were enjoying a banana boat ride when they were thrown into the sea and a jet ski struck Daniel. Peter’s father, who had been driving the boat pulling the banana, plucked the pair out of the water and Daniel was rushed to hospital.

The family has travelled to the US for a second opinion on Daniel’s condition.

The rider of the jet ski that hit Daniel has been arrested. No more details are available.

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