100 Dubai bus shelters go solar soon

RTA is approaching other types of power such as solar energy. (Patrick Castillo)

Dysfunctional AC bus shelters in Dubai will soon be a thing of past.

The emirate’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) says there are still 100 bus shelters in Dubai that have non-functional or partially functional ACs, but maintains that the issue will soon be addressed.

“We have about 100 bus shelters that are not working due to the lack of power source at these stops,” said Yousef Al Ali, CEO, Public Transport Agency (PTA).

 “Accordingly, RTA is approaching other types of power such as solar energy.”

He explains that RTA is working out a solution.

“There is a new model design for solar-powered bus shelters, which will be generated through solar panels to provide enough electricity to illuminate the shelter, and attached advertising signs, in areas where electric power is low or doesn’t exist.

“The plan is to replace all non-working shelters, and have them powered using solar energy by end-2015.”

Talking about the progress of the solar-power project, he added, “Under the project’s remit, we do have a second phase that includes 400 bus shelters combined with air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned shelters, and will be constructed across various parts of Dubai.

“Upon completion of the second phase, the project will raise the total number of bus shelters in the city to 1,285.”

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