100% Emiratisation in senior administration, administrative assistant jobs: ADHA

The Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, ADHA, has confirmed that the percentage of Emiratisation in senior administration and administrative assistant jobs in the authority has reached 100 percent, as the authority has given the issue of Emiratisation great importance and provided the UAE’s young people with all the necessary means to advance and reach the highest positions.

The ADHA desires to attract, develop and maintain Emirati working standards to achieve its desired goals and responsibilities in a competent and effective manner, to realise the directives of the wise leadership that aim to provide all the means to the UAE’s sons and daughters to work in various specialties and jobs, and contribute to the development and advancement of the UAE.

Zainab Abd Al Emir, Director of the Planning and Employment Section at ADHA, stressed that the authority has attracted some 135 citizens to work in its different departments and sections, as part of its overall plan to raise its level of Emiratisation, in line with its strategy. He added that the authority provides, for its citizen employees, the means of education and continuous advancement through their participation in specialised sessions organised by the authority, to enable them to gain greater skills, elevate their level of education and encourage them to receive the highest educational qualifications.

She said that the percentage of Emiratisation in senior administration jobs in the ADHA has reached 100 percent. The authority also achieved a significant increase in its level of Emiratisation of administrative assistant jobs, which also reached 100 percent.

She added that among the most important priorities of the authority is to Emiratise all its jobs, and to train and empower its citizen manpower with leadership abilities through several leadership strategies that were created to encourage its employees to innovate and contribute to the empowerment process. This has been done through delegating power, providing continuous training and education and guaranteeing performance improvements based on yearly evaluations, she added.