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12-year-old girl reports mom to Dubai Police

A 12-year-old girl called Dubai Police to report that her mother continuously tortures her and warn that she no longer can stand the abuse.

Police responded to the child’s complaint and went to her home in Al Qusais, where they interrogated the mother.

The mother admitted that she beats up her daughter and that she had the baby through an affair with a man in the emirate.

“The mother said she had no papers for the child.

Police decided to take her to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children,” 'Al Bayan' daily said.

Citing a police report, it said the problem was among 2,879 reports handled by the police in that area, including 512 criminal reports.

Another case involved a mother reporting that her little daughter has been abused by a private driver. “When police questioned the girl, she said that the report is wrong and that her mother could be imagining it.”