124 cases of sexual abuse recorded since 2009

A centre which monitors human trafficking in the UAE has received 124 cases of women and children who have been subjected to sexual abuses since 2009.
“The victims are lured by gangs from abroad in cooperation with the criminal elements belonging to the nationalities of the victims,” Sarah Shuhail, Executive Director of the centre for victims of trafficking in human being told Arabic daily Emarat Al Youm.
The centre offers assistance and health care, both psychologically and socially to the victims, and also rehabilitate them to facilitate their return to their home country again, she said.
“These gangs convince the victims that there are job opportunities in UAE, and after their arrival are forced to work in prostitution under threat and abuse,” she revealed.
The majority of victims come to the UAE on visit visas, either through friends or their relatives who are working in UAE, while others come seeking jobs and have fallen prey to criminal elements.
She said there are three centrrs in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah to receive victims, both women and children, and provide them with shelter and protection.
“A new centre for victims of human trafficking will be built in Abu Dhabi to international standards in the near future to provide assistance and care to victims,” she added.
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