15-year old gives up school to become 'professional' criminal

Mother and uncle trained teenager to break into houses and shops

There seems to be an alarming rise in crimes being committed by juveniles in Sri Lanka.
Hot on the heels of a 17-year old girl in Kandy being caught for a series of robberies in the hill capital, the news of a 15-year old boy being nabbed for a similar offence has shocked the community, according to Sinhala daily Lankadeepa.
The difference in this case is that the school drop-out has been encouraged by his family members to engage in crime.
He was arrested by the Nikaweratiya Police along with his mother and uncle who were guiding this boy for breaking into houses and shops, the report said.
During the past year, he has been engaged in robbery in Wasiwewa, Rathmalgahawetiya, Kirindigolla and Ganewewa areas in the north western province of Kurunegala.
Apart from cash, his loot included mobile phones, SIM cards, jewellery, etc.
Police were able to identify the suspect through a stolen mobile phone used by his sister, a soldier in the army.
It was further revealed that he has given all stolen cash to his mother and when she was arrested they found some cash and a mobile phone in her possession.
The other suspect, allegedly his uncle, was arrested for aiding and guiding the boy to indulge in criminal activity.
Ironically the boy's mentor was once a notorious criminal himself but had 'retired' after becoming disabled.
The boy who had studied in seven schools had dropped out of school to be on the 'job' full time.    

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