17 Indians on death row in UAE see no reprieve

The 17 Indians on death row for allegedly killing a rival bootlegger in Al Sajaa labour camp in 2009 see no reprieve as the family of the Pakistani victim said they will not waive their right to justice unless they receive Dh5 million in blood money, reported '7Days'.

Mohammed Ramzan, who represents the family, said, "they reluctantly accepted my offer and went for negotiations.”

The family of Misri Khan said they still want justice and would rather see the men executed than make a deal, according to Ramzan, who added that they would still agree to the deal if they received Dh5 million.

The amount is more than 10 times the usual figure awarded by the courts for blood money. Ramzan said: “This is the amount which I have been quoting from the beginning. I am ready to settle the matter if they offer that much money.”

The case will return to Sharjah Appeal Court this month.

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