$1m wardrobe sets its sights on the region

The Million Dollar Dandy, a bespoke clothing and footwear firm that offers wardrobe solutions starting at $1 million, has launched a Middle East campaign to target the region’s well-heeled.

In line with its global expansion policy to serve the world’s elite, Million Dollar Dandy brand launched its Middle East campaign yesterday, the company said in a statement.

“The campaign comes to introduce the Middle East’s privileged to an extensive collection of the finest bespoke clothing and footwear, available only to the world’s elite, starting at $1,000,000,” the statement said.

“The Million Dollar Dandy experience is an extravagant privilege only money can buy. We are offering the Middle East elite an experience that gives meaning to being wealthy and wanting to enjoy that,” said David Frosdick, founder and CEO of Million Dollar Dandy.

“No one knows where the experience will end, but the Million-Dollar Dandy needs a custom motor car to reflect its driver or rear seat passenger, and that will be included in the price,” the statement added. “Previous clients have chosen a unique 1,012 bhp and 270 mph model with gull wing doors,” it said.

“We have received over a dozen expressions of interest from a diverse range of prospective clients, wanting to enjoy the experience only we can offer, and only money can buy. The unique Million Dollar Dandy experience will painstakingly complement each single piece just as the brush strokes of a master captures the essence of his inspiration,” added Frosdick.

Created by Frosdick of London, Million Dollar Dandy comprises an extensive coordinated wardrobe of bespoke suits, bespoke formal shirts and complementary silk ties, shoes and boots and an almost decadent selection of luxurious silk velvet smoking jackets and silk dressing gowns.

It is worth mentioning that Million Dollar Dandy is an extensive collection of the finest bespoke clothing and footwear and available only to the world’s elite. Ranging from music moguls, heirs to family fortunes seeking to make a grand sartorial statement, bankers, owners of UK and US football clubs, hedge fund managers, those retired but in pursuit of pleasure and already three have become living commissions.

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