23 types of cases exempted from needing witnesses

The Dubai Family Courts (personal status court) has exempted few more transactions from requiring witnesses, reported 'Al Khaleej' newspaper. Abdul Rahim Al Hachemi, Head of Personal Services, said: "With the latest ruling, the total number of transactions that do not require witnesses to be present has increased to 23."

Transactions for proof of endowment (give as a mortmain) and donation do not require witnesses; proof of guarantee and care, and transaction of disposal in a minor share of commercial licence; change of first name; proof of child custody; marriage procuration; attorneyship of divorce; declaration of Islam do not require witnesses.

Few other transactions that require the attendance of parties involved include proof of marriage; waiving dowry; relinquishing custody of  children and kids adopting nationality of mothers; appointment of selected guardian and the continuity of marriage.

The move aims to speeden up court procedures fro comman man.

Meanwhile, first quarter of 2011 saw 35 per cent increase in transactions compared to the same period last year. About 14,000 transactions were processed in 2009.

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