235 cameras linked to Dubai traffic control centre

235 surveillance cameras are now fitted to key junctions and roads in Dubai which are linked to the Traffic Control Centre at Bani Yas to monitor and streamline traffic movement in the emirate, according to Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA).

Al Tayer made this announcement during a tour of the Traffic Systems Control Centre in the presence of Maitha bin Udai, CEO of Traffic & Roads Agency; Mohammed Al Awadi, Director of Intelligent Traffic Systems, and several engineers at the centre.

During the tour, Al Tayer reviewed the modern technologies at the centre which enable the control of various Intelligent Traffic Systems such as the Virtual Messaging Signs which consist of 32 electronic signs covering Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Khaleej Road, Emirates Road, Sheikh Rashid Road, Abu Baker Al Siddique Road, Al Ittihad Road, Al Mina Road, and Bani Yas Road in addition to Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Garhoud Bridge, Al Shindagh Tunnel and Airport Tunnel.

The system calculates the volume of traffic congestion on main and express roads, detects abnormal traffic patterns such as accidents and breakdown of vehicles on roads, and indicates congestion generated by high traffic volumes. The system also computes the trip times on these roads after analysing the inputs of devices at site which include sensors, mobile traffic surveillance cameras, and photo analysis cameras; which automatically figures out abnormality in traffic patterns due to accidents or vehicle breakdowns. The system also includes lanes control signs installed all over main roads alerting motorists of the road condition well in advance, particularly in turns, highways, and in the case of sudden congestion, by directing them to the alternative routes to avoid congestion.

Al Tayer toured the Traffic Systems Control Room which operates around the clock where he was briefed by Maitha Mohammed bin Udai on the roads management system used in the control room which comprises 27 giant screens linked to 235 cameras deployed on main junctions and roads to monitor the traffic movement across Dubai. He viewed the Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique (SCOOT) where the agency has completed the linking of 300 signalised junctions with the Central Light Signals Control System. He also viewed the SCADA system used in managing the Airport Tunnel comprising of traffic surveillance cameras, photo analysis cameras to monitor the traffic movement flow and figure out whether it is impacted by accidents or vehicle breakdown, and lanes control signs.

During the tour, Al Tayer was briefed on the role of the centre in offering effective control of roads network in the emirate, and identifying the traffic incidents such as accidents to analyse them and transmit data to the site in the form of traffic messages displayed on the messaging signs to alert the public, or through applying central control of the timing allotted for the green signal by shifting the light signal control system in the event of accidents from the auto mode to the manual mode in order to draw off and clear the tailbacks.

Al Tayer reviewed the latest developments of the Dynamic Navigation System (Dalili) which offers users real-time traffic information about tailbacks, accidents and traffic diversions to ease the mobility of motorists and facilitate their travel to their intended destinations. The system is fed by data captured from all the 8,000 taxicabs in Dubai in addition to the Intelligent Traffic Systems throughout the emirate. The system is built on the GPS and provides live and dynamic information about road traffic movement in the emirate.

Al Tayer was then briefed by Maitha bin Udai and Mohammed Al Awadi on the progress of work in the improvement plans of the Traffic Control Centre where work has been completed in Phase I of the project which comprises a thorough assessment of Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique (SCOOT) system and the performance of FALCON system; which controls the traffic surveillance cameras and Virtual Messaging Signs on express and arterial roads. He also viewed the best practices and general policies set for light signals to keep pace with the special nature of Dubai. The emirate has been divided into zones in order to set up a link between all light signals within the zone.

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