29,366 births in Abu Dhabi in 2010

Abu Dhabi’s population swelled further in 2010 after a total 29,366 babies were born during that year, hospital records showed on Monday.
The number is 300 above the total births in the emirate in 2009, when they stood at 29,066, showed the figures published in Alittihad newspaper.
Emiratis in 2010 accounted for nearly 46 per cent of the total births, standing at 13,497 including 6,987 boys and 6,510 girls.
“There was an increase in births by 300 last year compared with the previous year…….the figures are accurate as we receive data from hospitals electronically,” said Dr Farida Al Housani, head of the contagious diseases section at the Abu Dhabi Health Department.
Despite the high birth rate among Emiratis, they are still far outnumbered by expatriates, not exceeding 20 per cent of the total population in Abu Dhabi.
The UAE government provides incentives to nationals to encourage them to marry and make babies as part of a long-term plan to turn them into a majority in their own country.
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