3 key questions you must ask before your plastic surgery

Family restrictions and embarrassment are to be blamed for the silence of many plastic surgery victims in the country (Shutterstock)

After reports about two men who were arrested for allegedly carrying out illegal and unlicenced liposuction procedures at their home, Dubai’s The Private Clinic is urging those looking to have any kind of invasive cosmetic procedure to ask three key questions of any practitioner.

“Rule number one is find a doctor who's certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery,” said Dr Ricardo Ferla, The Private Clinic’s Triple Board Certified Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

“Secondly, ask what kind of training the doctor has in the specific procedure you’re considering— you don’t want someone whose only training was a one-day or weekend course.

“And thirdly, ask what the potential risks and complications are. It’s a huge red flag if the surgeon promises a risk-free procedure — there is no such thing,” added Dr Ferla.

The newly launched The Private Clinic, which is connected to the The Manchester Clinic in Jumeirah, has taken on the task of improving standards and shining a light on dodgy practices.

Indeed, police have urged members of the public to only use licensed clinics and hospitals for cosmetic procedures.

(Image via Shutterstock)

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