3-year old falls to death from 4th floor in Ajman

A view of the emirate of Ajman. (CHANDRA BALAN)

A three-year-old boy fell to his death from the balcony of his fourth floor home in Al Karama area in Ajman on Saturday.
According to the police, the Afghani kid died on the spot as he slipped and fell from the chair he climbed on to in the balcony, reported 'Khaleej Times'. Unfortunately he was left unsupervised just for a few minutes when the incident happened and the parents realised their kid was missing only a a few minutes later.

The body, which is shifted to the forensic laboratory, wll be handed over to the parents after completing the formalities.

Ajman Police official appeals to parents to ensure that their children are always under supervision.

Ali Alwan, Chief of the Ajman Police, said: "If investigation confirms negligence, the particular case would be referred to the court to ascertain whether or not the parents or guardians were to blame. All such cases are investigated by a public prosecutor and the nearby police station.”

According to medical records at the Khalifa Hospital in Ajman, at least three cases of child death or injury due to negligence are being reported in a week.

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