3-year old school boy raped daily by bus driver

Driver jailed 10 years by Abu Dhabi court and school fined Dh200,000

A three-year-old boy entered a new period in his life when he left home to start classes in Abu Dhabi for the first time, telling his parents how lovely such an experience for him and impatiently waiting for the bus every morning to take him to school.

But his delight did not last long. After he was rushing happily for the school bus, he started to clutch to his mother’s hands, reluctant to go to the school which he had loved.

His mother had not thought there is something wrong until the boy’s father noticed that something serious is annoying his son.

When he asked him what was bothering him, the son innocently pointed towards his pelvis and told his father that he feels pain.

He then revealed to the shocked father that the pain has been caused by the bus driver who did something he could not understand. The father at once realized his son has been raped many times by the driver and his feelings were confirmed further when the boy told him that the driver threatened to kill him if he tells anyone.

The father immediately rushed to the police and reported the bus driver, who was arrested later. Medical tests showed he did rape the boy.

“The driver confessed to the police that he had raped the boy almost every day…but he retracted his statements in court,” Albayan daily said.

“Tests confirmed the rape, prompting the court to sentence him to two years in jail and order his deportation from the UAE…he appealed the sentence but the appeals court sentenced him to 10 years in prison and ordered his deportation.”

The paper said the court also ordered the school and the transport company which supplied the bus services to pay Dh200,000 damages to the victim although the father had demanded Dh1 million.

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