4 bakeries in Abu Dhabi handed tickets for unsafe food, presence of rodents

Food control authority issues warnings to 22 bakeries

The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA) will continue to carry out surprise inspections on food facilities operating in Abu Dhabi to ensure that the food served is safe and hygienic.

ADFCA officials inspected 32 bakeries across the emirate in order to check how businesses are committed to follow food safety rules and regulations.

During these visits, violation tickets were handed to four bakeries and, warnings were issued to 22 facilities for not meeting with the food safety standards.

While some bakeries were found violating general cleanliness, others were booked for bad food handling and for the presence of rodents and pests inside the bakeries.

Out of these, 6 bakeries were found to meet all the food safety standards, and for diligently following the rules set forth by ADFCA.

Al Yousef Al Saad, acting director of Communication and community service division at ADFCA said the food control authority will continue to carry out routine and surprise inspections to ensure that food safety standards are not disregarded.

He said ADFCA increases the number and volume of bakery visits during Ramadan as people buy more bakery items.

He urged the public to notify the authorities if they witness any food-related violations.

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