4 minors report stalker strips and clicks them

Residents of Musthafa Shabia area in Abu Dhabi are a worried lot after three minor girls and a minor boy have been attacked by a young stalker in elevators. He is alleged to forcefully strip naked the children and then take their photographs.

The unprecedented crime in the busy neighbhourhood has spread shockwaves across the community, as the stalker has already taken pictures of four known victims. “We have been worried about the recurrence of such crime in our building, located amidst a busy residential area. When young girls go alone in the elevator, a young man would enter the elevator with them posing as a resident. Once alone, he would accost the girls, use force to silence them, and drag them to an isolated part of the building beneath the staircase,  where he would sexually molests them and takes photographs after forcing them to strip down. It is very alarming as some of the victims fear that their nude or semi-nude pictures may appear in the Internet,” said a resident of the community.

Worried parents are yet to approach Abu Dhabi Police to launch a formal police complaint, fearing the photographs may be spread through the Internet or mobile phones.

“A few days ago, a Grade 4 student of a leading Indian school in Abu Dhabi was returning home after her dance classes. It was around 3.30pm and after she got in the lift, a young man wearing a white T-shirt entered the elevator with her, locked lift and  dragged her to another floor,” explained her uncle, who did not wish to reveal their identity.

“He dragged her to an isolated corner besides the staircase, forced her to remove her clothes. He took photographs of the stripped girl. The girl was so shocked and scared that she could not react, but she can identify the stalker. Her family is worried about the pictures appearing in an Internet site or spread through mobile phones or bluetooth. They also fear that the attacker would use the pictures to further exploit the girls. The victims can identify the man," he added.

In one incident, a Grade 7 girl of an Indian school was returning home, when the same stalker followed her to the elevator, dragged her out to an isolated corner and took her nude photographs.

“Compared to three other cases where the girls are minor, this was a grown up girl and her family is worried about the photographs,” said another resident. “We are so scared to report the matter to the police."

What shocked residents is the fact that it is a very busy residential area, but the time the attacker uses is normally the time when most residents are taking their afternoon nap. One victim was a 10-year-old boy who was attacked in the lift, stripped and photographed.

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