40% discount on Dubai traffic fines till Jan 10

Drivers who committed traffic offences in Dubai before September 11 will enjoy a 40 per cent reduction in their fines in line with a new decision issued by the emirate’s police commander, a newspaper said on Monday.

The decision by Dahi Khalfan Tamim increased the reduction rate to 40 per cent from 30 per cent to mark 40 years of the country’s union, the Sharjah-based Arabic language daily Alkhaleej said.

The new decision took effect on December 2, which marked the National Day, and will continue until January 10, it said.

The previous decision to cut fines by 30 per cent was to be enforced for three months, starting from September 11 and ending on December 11.

“The new decision increases the reduction to 40 per cent and extends the deadline to January 10….we urge all drivers who have fines to take advantage and pay before the end of the deadline,” said Major General Mohammed Saif al Zafin, director of Dubai’s traffic department.

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