48 American school's students placed in other institutes

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) has stepped in to help 48 students from Dubai American Scientific School (DASS) to find alternate admission after the education regulatory authority had suspended the education permit to the school over many violations.

In a statement to Emirates 24|7, Abdulrahman Nassir, Executive Director, Customers Relations of KHDA, said, “So far, we have been approached by the parents of 48 students from DASS.

“We have succeeded in placing them in 10 schools in Dubai, including Al Nebras School, Al Mawakeb School and Al Khaleej National School.

“We thank all these schools for the cooperation and support they have shown to the parents and students involved.”

Soon after their education permit was suspended, the DASS had further irked the education regulatory body by dismissing their students for a week to install security cameras.

“To install security cameras, or dismiss students on a school day for any purpose, prior KHDA approval must be given,” Nassir had said.

“DASS did not seek approval for either of these actions. The welfare of students is our main priority.  Through its current and previous actions, DASS has not prioritised the interests of its students.

DASS school principal, Amy Waterson, was unavailable for comment when going to press.

The school, which has around 500 students, has been black-listed for manipulating the records of student registrations, teaching subjects without proper structure, taking no action against students for remaining absent without valid reason. There were also reports of disparity in school fees, poorly maintained buildings and undisciplined students.

The suspension was put in place in August.

“DASS was prohibited from accepting new students for the 2012/13 academic year,” which the school ignored. “Certificates of students who enrolled for the first time in September 2012 will not be attested by KHDA, and no transfer certificate will be provided,” he added.

The KHDA has since been helping parents find “alternative schools for their children”.

When the news initially broke out, Robertson had expressed being upset over the negative publicity and claimed that they are working towards improving the standards.

“I accept that there were violations in the past. And, the KHDA is upset over that. But, I am working towards changing that. We have implemented absolutely everything to improve the quality of education we are providing,” she elaborated, denying receiving any official statement from the KHDA about not accepting new students.

The principal added that the school recently spent Dh1.5million for upgrading its educational standards.


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