5 healthcare facilities closed for violations

Pharmacists issued 33 violations. (EAY)

The Health Authority Abu Dhabi (Haad), has ordered temporary closure of five healthcare facilities after violations were identified by the agency's quality auditing team.

The violations included failure to comply with room disinfection standards, lack of cleanliness, failure to comply with medical devices quality control standards, mixing sterile and non-sterile tools, lack of emergency medicines and storing medical supplies inappropriately.

"Haad’s decision aims to safeguard patients and also to allow healthcare facilities to take necessary corrective actions," said Dr Khaled Al Jaberi, Haad’s director of health regulation division.
"Complying with standards is key to improving quality of healthcare services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi."

Haad’s audit team also registered four violations against health professionals for practising before being issued final licences from the health authority and issuing sick leave certificates frequently without using the electronic system or examining patients.

Pharmacists were issued 33 violations for dispensing medicine without a prescription and allowing non-licensed pharmacist assistants to dispense medicine without a prescription.

Other violations included absence of pharmacist in-charges during working hours.

Auditors regulated by Haad periodically visit medical and pharmaceutical facilities in the emirate.
Haad also provides awareness and educational workshops to educate professionals about its standards, clarify violations and find ways to avoid them as a means of developing practices and finding solutions to improve the quality of healthcare services, the authority said.

Haad said 1,331 audit visits were carried out in the first half of this year. Earlier this year, Haad also closed 16 healthcare facilities for compliance issues.
The same healthcare facilities were re-opened after taking the necessary corrective actions.


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