5-yr old Emirati girl left in car suffocates to death

Second such death in a 7 days

A five-year-old Emirati girl died after her grandmother left her inside the car in Umm al Quwain, the second child to perish after being left inside a vehicle in just a week.

The woman has just gone to visit a friend with her three grandchildren when they asked her to let them go to the shop, Alittihad daily said.

“Two of them went to the shop but she thought all of them got out of the car. She locked the car and went inside her friend’s house,” the paper said.

“Two hours later, the two children went to their grandmother and told her they were playing outside and that their sister is still sleeping in the car.

“She rushed to the car and found that the girl was dead.”

The paper quoted head of UAQ police, Colonel Khamis Bu Haroon, as saying such incidents are a result of negligence by families.

“This is negligence on the part of parents and other family members. They must be careful and ensure no children are left in the car during these hot days.”

Boy left in car for four hours dies

A boy less than two years old suffocated to death after his family forgot him inside the car for nearly four hours in Kalba on Saturday.

The father the other members of the family got off the car after parking it inside the house garage, forgetting the baby on the back seat.

“After nearly four hours, the family missed the baby…they rushed back to the car and opened it to find that he was dead,” Alkhaleej daily said.

It quoted police as saying the boy died because of the high temperature, which climbed to one of its highest levels of more than 40 Celsius this year.


Parents beware: Never leave child in car

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